DM Kitchens is a kitchen company based in Hillington, Glasgow.

The company provides a full kitchen supply and install service to clients in the Airdrie area of North Lanarkshire.

Questions About Kitchens, Answered for Our Airdrie Customers

If you are planning a new kitchen, just a cursory glance at the internet and between the glossy pages of interior design magazines will reveal hundreds of potential styles and options for you to choose from.

Making the right choice can seem problematic and so we have collated some of the most commonly asked questions so you have a better idea of what suits you, and your budget.

1. Do coloured kitchen cupboard doors date quickly?

It is a common question. You like the drama of colour, the depth, texture and tone it adds to a room but, will red, purple or green cupboard doors make brand-new kitchens  look dated after only a few months?

The great thing about cupboard doors is that they can be easily changed. In most cases, coloured doors add the texture and colour that you want to a space, but without being over-powering.

What we say – be BOLD and enjoy the colour of cupboard doors.

2. Which worktops work best?

There are various materials that can be used for worktops, all coming in a range of pricing options;

  • Chipwood worktops – this is where a robust layer of veneer covers a thick wedge of chipwood. With a range of colour and finishes, if you are on a super-tight budget, this is the ideal solution. Easily cuts to shape too.
  • Solid wood – heavier and more robust in some ways, are wood worktops. Can take a little maintenance however, to stay looking great.
  • Granite worktops – granite is a heavy stone that takes a lot of use and punishment in the kitchen, all without damage to its surface. If you have the budget, take a look at some of the more dazzling granite worktops.
  • Concrete – yes, you read that right! Concrete worktops are the ideal solution as they can be treated so that your worktop looks nothing like concrete. Buffed to a high shine, concrete worktops produce a high-quality finish but for less than you think.

What we say – get creative with concrete worktops but always opt for the best worktop your budget will stretch too.

3. What else do I need to bear in mind when planning a kitchen?

The kitchen is such an important space in your home that we think the best way forward is to have a professional kitchen planner or design team think through the whole project for you.

Make sure you have plenty of sockets and that you use every inch of your kitchen.

What we say – with so much needed in the kitchen, why not come to DM Kitchens for help, advice and a great design service, as well as brilliant kitchens?

Please contact DM Kitchens to discuss your requirements. We’ll visit you in Airdrie to discuss your requirements.