DM Kitchens is a kitchen company based in Hillington, Glasgow.

The company provides a full kitchen supply and install service to clients in Ayr.

5 Tips in Designing the Best Kitchen for Ayr Customers

As a kitchen design and installation company, we are often asked how we design kitchens that are not only stylish and trendy, but practical and functional too.

Here are our five top kitchen design tips;

#1 Think Ahead

Work in a kitchen needs to flow and that means planning ahead. The sink, fridge and work surface/over/hob need to be in a triangle or a straight line.

You want to eliminate unnecessary travel in a kitchen as you cook and that means having a natural flow in the space. This is important in all kitchen, but needs to be spot on in a larger kitchen.

#2 Make Sure There is Plenty of Light

Kitchen need to have plenty of light so that working, chopping and cooking in them is well illuminated.

The best light is natural light but there are times when this may mean you are working in shadow. This is why we always suggest when designing any kitchen that there is attention paid to where and how much ambient light is being added to the space.

#3 Maximise Storage

Storage in any kitchen is important but often, the space is not maximised to give not only an abundance of storage but accessible and appropriate storage.

There are some kitchens that utilise a lot of drawer space of various sizes and depths. There are also increasingly stylish and suitable option when it comes to pantry like cupboards etc.

Think about the storage you need and the best way of achieving it.

#4 Plenty of Surface and Work Top Space

A busy kitchen needs many things but don’t compromise on work top or surface space. There are many ways to maximise this one of which is mounting wall cupboards and keeping very few structures on the work tops.

By maximising storage, you can place a lot of equipment in cupboards, leaving you with clutter-free work tops and surfaces.

#5 Don’t Over Design

Kitchens can feel and look cluttered and small. This is because there has not been enough attention paid to where and how the furniture of the kitchen is placed.

For all kitchens, but especially smaller ones, pay attention to the width of the walkway through the kitchen. By making areas too narrow, the kitchen looks too small and over-filled with cupboards.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the place where family and guests gather – you want it to be functional, and stylish. Follow these five tips and you will get the kitchen you need!

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