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What to Consider when Planning a Kitchen

As designers and installers of kitchens serving Coatbridge, we understand that there are some small details that if they are missing from a new kitchen, can spell disaster.

Here we round up seven of the most-forgotten kitchen planning needs;

  1. Breakfast bar overhang – using a central island as a breakfast bar? The perfect choice for a busy family home but, even in a bright, spacious and airy kitchen, without overhanging lights, you can be eating in shade.
  2. Close contact between sink and dishwasher – some things just go together, like salt and pepper and when it comes to designing kitchens, there are certain things that need to be together. It may seem twee to have your dishwasher hidden away but it’ll soon become a nuisance if the distance between it and the sink is too big.
  3. The bins – the bin and recycling bins all need to incorporated into the final design of a kitchen. This way, they can be incorporated into cupboard space, rather than as an after-thought at the end of a unit.
  4. Dishwasher location – designing a great kitchen is like solving a Rubik’s cube. But, if there is one thing we have learnt designing kitchens is not to put the dishwasher in the corner or next to a wall. You need that space around the unit to be able to access the contents. Limiting this access creates problems!
  5. Sockets in cupboards – not everyone wants their appliance on display, preferring the clean lines of an uncluttered worktop. If this appeals to you, consider electric sockets in cupboards.
  6. Lighting, lighting, lighting – we mentioned this earlier when we referred to lighting over breakfast bars but actually, you need to pay close attention to lighting all over the kitchen, even if it is light and airy…

Bonus Tip – when considering lighting, always have the lighting placed in front of worktops or spaces. With lighting behind you in a kitchen, it will cast shadow on the worktop where you are working.

  1. 2 metres – the text books say that the space between counters should be 1 metre but if you can squeeze 1.2 metres between one side of the countertop and a parallel one, those few centimetres will make all the difference to being able to turn around, use the space and so on.

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