DM Kitchens is a kitchen company based in Hillington, Glasgow.

The company provides a full kitchen supply and install service to clients in the Cumbernauld area of North Lanarkshire.

Creating Fantastic Kitchen in Cumbernauld Homes – How Do We Do It?

Creating a fantastic kitchen that is stylish, chic and perfect for you take consideration and planning. And this is how we do it…

What Storage Solutions Do You Need?

At one time, a few drawers and plenty of cupboard space was all that was needed – it was all that was available in some cases – but innovation in design and manufacturing techniques mean that there is now an abundance of storage solutions for new kitchens.

Think through what you have to store in your kitchen and the solutions that are now available to give you the sleek design and finish to your kitchen.

What is the Optimal Kitchen Layout for You?

Work in a kitchen needs to flow with minimal travel around the space. This means creating a ‘working triangle’ or a straight line between the sink, the fridge and the prep and cooking area.

There are layouts that optimise the flow of work in a kitchen. Talk to us to find out more.

What Style Are You Opting For?

Just like the rest of your house has a stylish flair to it, so too should your kitchen. It should fit with what you like and want, as well as being practical and functional in a busy kitchen.

There are many styles and designs to choose from including the minimalist design to a rustic finish. Or, you may want to create a finish that is truly eclectic and unique to your tastes.

What Lighting Solutions Are You Considering?

Unfortunately, there are many kitchens that suffer from a lack of lighting. This impacts heavily on the space, making it somewhere more difficult to work than it has to be.

Our top tip would be this – be over generous with lighting when designing your new kitchen. Plenty of light in the space is not something you will regret.

How Will You Maximise Work Top Space?

Again, this is one thing that can be missing from many kitchens – worktop space.

Maximising it is a combination of optimal layout, coupled with fantastic storage solutions that are workable for you. It also means adding worktop space where you can but with a keen eye on the final overall appearance of your new kitchen. Our design team can show you how.

We can design and install a high-quality kitchen in your home – and within budget too.

Please contact DM Kitchens to discuss your requirements.