DM Kitchens is authorised seller of Ponnighaus German kitchens.

All Ponnighaus Kitchens are designed and made to each customer’s requirements ensuring no two kitchens are ever the same.

The beauty, the quality and the durability that is a Ponnighaus kitchen

Have you noticed how some brands are synonymous with quality? They reach this by not conceding on any aspect of their produce, service or brand.

There is no compromise. Everything they produce, every detail, every part of their service to the customer is perfect.
Ponnighaus kitchens is one of those companies.

If you are looking for a new kitchen, take a look at what a Ponnighaus kitchen will offer;

  • Custom designed – no two Ponnighaus kitchens are the same. This is because no two properties are identical and neither are customer wants and needs. Literally, our design team will start with a blank piece of paper and create your Ponnighaus kitchen specifically for you.
  • Durable – every inch of a Ponnighaus kitchen oozes quality which means that every aspect of your new kitchen is durable. Some kitchens can look pretty and last a long time, providing you don’t use them every day to cook or bake. With a Ponnighaus kitchen, you have no need to rein in your culinary activities. This kitchen was made to be used.
  • Innovative – there are some things that can be missing from a modern kitchen, or maybe a design feature needs a tweak or two. Ponnighaus are not afraid to change things or try something new. In fact, their kitchens are well known for being innovative, on-trend and functional.
  • Domestic engineering at its best – take a trip to their website and you will see that Ponnighaus are proud of their engineering capabilities, especially in creating bespoke kitchens that not only fit their customers, but evolve with them too. In effect, they say, it is German engineering at its best.
  • Cutting edge style – frankly, if you are in the market for an on-trend, uber-stylish kitchen, then a Ponnighaus kitchen is perfect. And within budget too.

To find out more about Ponnighaus kitchens and to examine their beauty and quality, please contact DM Kitchens to discuss your requirements. The company operates across central Scotland.