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The company provides a full kitchen supply and install service to clients in Bishopbriggs.

The Essential Guide to Designing Dream Kitchens at Bishopbriggs Homes

Want to design a dream kitchen? Here’s how…

#1 Design for YOU, Not Someone Else

Seeking inspiration from photo-rich social media platforms and between the glossy pages of interior design magazines is all well and good but don’t forget, these kitchens are designed for other people.

What works for someone else – even if it does look great – may not work for you. Keep this are the forefront of all the designs and features of your new kitchen.

#2 Be Wise with Finishing Choices

Your kitchen needs to be a functional space and unless you are able and willing to commit to living in a show home, you need to be practical in your choices of finishes and fixtures.

You may have fallen in love with a fantastic central light fitting for example, but if you can’t easily or readily buy the lightbulbs for it, are you prepared to find the bulbs online, waiting for weeks while they arrive?

Kitchens can be stylish and functional but it means making decisions with your head, and being pragmatic in your approach.

#3 Research, Research, Research

There are so many gadgets and fantastic trends and styles that it is easy to become overwhelmed. The only way to overcome this is to totally immerse yourself into the process.

And that means research all the latest trends and designs suitable for kitchens just like yours.

Working with a professional design and installation company will also be of great help in getting the right kitchen for you and your budget.

#4 Pack in Storage

You can never have too much storage in a kitchen. In the modern age, the more diverse and accommodating this kitchen storage the better.

Think floor to ceiling pantry design cupboards, think glass doors, think open shelving. And remember, to make the kitchen feel and look bigger, keep work surfaces free of objects and equipment.

#5 Don’t Underestimate Lighting

Many kitchens are built to perfection, bar one thing – lack of lighting. Make the most of natural light, as well as adding plenty of ambient light.

This is not just a stylish issue but a practical one too. In a kitchen, you shouldn’t be working in shadow, e.g. the main source of light behind you, and is a predicament easily resolved.

It simply means adding under cupboard lighting, as well as improving the central lighting so that no part of the kitchen is in shadow.

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