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5 Tips from The Professionals – What Makes for Great Kitchens

The kitchen is an important room in the home. It needs to be super practical, and yet stylish. However, after all the planning and the designing, once installed some customers find that their new kitchen is lacking.

To avoid this dilemma, you need to avoid pitfalls and that means taking a look at these top five tips for designing fantastic kitchens for our customers…

#1 Assess your Needs

This is about creating a list of what you would like, but creating a list of what you need.

Consider how much time you spend in the kitchen, whether you are a cook or a baker (or both), how much work surface you need and whether you eat in the kitchen or whether it is entirely a functional workspace.

Understanding how you use your kitchen is essential in getting the right layout and components.

#2 What is your budget?

If you have a no-limit budget then you can choose whatever you like… but this is rare! But the good news is that even with a small budget, you can get a great kitchen without busting the bank.

However, you need to make wise choices and compromises but this is the important bit – what suits one person will not suit another. So, keep in mind those needs you have assessed as being essential.

#3 Research

Like other interior design trends, kitchen styles and finishes change as trends come and go. Interior designers create what are known as ‘mood boards’ and you could do the same. Using either a social media platform or app – or good old board, paper and glue – create a visual map of how you would like your kitchen to look.

#4 Work with professional kitchen planners

You could spend hours and hours designing and measuring your kitchen, double checking that your design will fit.

Or, you could save yourself a lot of doubt, hassle and stress by working with a professional who has many years of experienced creating bespoke and individually planned kitchens for our customers.

#5 Invest in the right materials and professional installation

Now that you have the new kitchen planned and designed on paper, the next thing is to order everything that you need from the right number of cupboard doors to hinges and door handles.

But we think that the quality of any kitchen lay in toe important components that combine to give a fantastic kitchen: materials and installation. Invest in the best materials that you can and don’t skimp of professional installation either.

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