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Creating Bespoke Kitchens for Customers – How to Avoid Common Mistakes

Designing kitchens seems simple and easy enough on the surface but, once you start to delve into the minute details, it becomes a lot more complex.

As a result, things can be issued and some of these vital components in creating dream kitchens for our customers. Our team put their heads together and came up with these common mistakes that they come across…

Not designing the kitchen around your needs

The kitchen is an individual space – the kitchen design that suits your next-door neighbour may not suit you. And yet, in glossy magazines and the like, the impression we are given is that every design fits well in every home and everyone will love it.

Consider what you do in your kitchen – are you a daily cook, who also enjoys baking or are you a ‘functional’ cook who spend minimal time prepping and cooking meals?

Not using the best materials in places where it matters

When your budget is tight, it can be tempting to spend on things that soon become superfluous or you just don’t use.

For example, the swinging carousel shelving in the cupboard looks great but actually what you needed more was a better microwave.

Spend in areas that it matters and consider spending on the right materials, such as a high-quality work surface and robust cupboard doors.

Not opting for bespoke storage

We’ve already said how kitchens in Area 2 are bespoke installations and this is true when it comes to storage. Some people enjoy different kinds of storage with everything in its place but other people prefer plain cupboard interiors that they can use as they wish.

Always choose the storage that suits you and don’t be hoodwinked by trendy storage solutions.

Not including enough electrical sockets

In modern times, there are an increasing number of electrical gadgets and gizmos that we can use in the kitchen. This means electrical pieces of kit fighting for socket space!

While you have the chance, include as many electrical sockets in your new kitchen as you can, even if you think it looks and feels like overkill at the time.

Being too trendy

Finally, one mistake that many people make is opting for a kitchen design that is so trendy and futuristic that its appeal diminishes within a few months.

For help in designing and installing the best kitchen for you, you need the help of professionals who have created kitchens for customers across Dumberton – and that’s us!

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