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Creating Bespoke Kitchen in Area 4 – Our Top Tips

When it comes to designing, and installing a new kitchen, it pays to have the professionals on hand.

With this in mind, we thought we would give you some handy tips as you prepare to create your fabulous new, stylish kitchen.

We have designed and installed hundreds of bespoke kitchens for customers across Falkirk and we can help you too.

NEVER skimp on lighting or electrical sockets

These are two critical components of a space that is essentially functional:

  • Lighting – it is important that you allow as much natural light in the kitchen as possible but also make sure that the ambient lighting is also up to scratch. Make sure important food preparation areas are well-lit.
  • Electrical sockets – the kitchen has been revolutionised in recent years will all kinds of time and labour saving devices. All too often, however, there are never enough electrical sockets and that means a jumble of things fighting for a socket on your work tops. Consider hidden socket columns that pop up when you need them.

ALWAYS consider all storage options

Storage is also a critical component of the kitchen. And yet, it can be the last thing that people decide on.

Consider how you use your kitchen – if you enjoy baking or are an experimental cook, you may have all kinds of ingredients and gadgets that need to be stored in the kitchen.

Or, maybe you spend a minimal amount of time in the kitchen. Either way, storage needs are very different.

DON’T be too trendy

Like other rooms in the home, there are trends that come and go with kitchen design too. But there are some amazingly modern and uber-trendy design. But there is a problem.

Some uber-trendy designs can look dated and out-of-fashion within weeks or months. Unless you have an uber-trendy house to match, we suggest staying modern but in keeping with the rest of your interior design scheme.

ADD colour carefully

Colour is fantastic! It can open up a space or add depth and texture. But in the kitchen, consider where and how you use colour.

Colour on walls is easy enough to change – just buy a pot of paint and paint over the current colour – but coloured tiles and cupboard doors are a little messier and more expensive to change. Keep the main kitchen furniture in neutral shades, adding depth and colour with paint and other accessories.

Why not tap into the expertise of our design team and be one of the hundreds of bespoke designed kitchens in Falkirk?

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